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The Injustice 2 open beta is now live on Steam until November 10, so head over and try out this beat’em up sequel to the original Injustice! I woke up this morning to find that there was talk among the gaming news sites about the Injustice 2 open beta that went live yesterday on Steam. […]

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We begin the Trendkillers series with the most tired and meaningless year end tradition in metal culture- the top 10 list.  Or is it a top 20, top 40, top 100 list?  Do 100 death metal albums even get released in a year, or are some blogs trying to virtue-signal how many albums they are aware of? In any case, many metal bands and musicians consider this the crown jewel of their existence as it’s often the only chance they get to pad their narcissism and reaffirm their perceived importance in the grand scheme of things.

Using animated drawings, this video helps writing students grasp the many options available to them as they search for an artifact, or cultural text, for a class project.

 · “Once you’ve articulated the initial assumptions of your app, you’ll need to test them with customers. The feedback you receive from customers will ...

In December 2012, it was announced that Billy Milano and Dan Lilker had reunited in a new band called United Forces. [6]

...Of Death - Demo...Of Death - Demo...Of Death - Demo...Of Death - Demo